Hello, I'm Cheryl!

Crafting earrings has become my special creative outlet. For years I’ve always had a love for earrings. You can say I was addicted and was known as the “earring gal”. 

An underlying idea I’ve had in mind for a while was to create my own small business. Instead of adding more earrings to my overgrowing collection, I wanted to share my love for craft to others. 

This idea only became a reality in March 2020, when I vocalised my vision to my friends and family who never failed to constantly show their love and support up until this day. Thank you, you know who you are. 

To create beautiful and unique earrings for other people brings me such joy. Handling my designs take a lot of time, effort, trial and error, making each piece individually unique. As inspiration continues to float around me, I push myself to constantly create, improve and incorporate sustainable practices within my small business. I invite you to grow with me and welcome you to The Dainty Wonderer! Happy shopping :)